About Bluebottle

Bluebottle Pty Ltd has a strong background in theatre and management which provides us with a diverse range of experience in dealing with client requirements, budgets, locations, materials and unusual situations.

We have been designing in creative and unconventional ways for over thirty years in theatre, galleries, installations, architecture, exhibitions and music. We are interested in extending the possibilities of lighting design and the integration of light and the surrounding environment.

Bluebottle draws upon the experience of talented staff to produce the finest outcome for any project undertaken. Our aim in any project we undertake is to offer a unique range of ideas and solutions within the scope of the project and to achieve the best possible outcome for the client. We are undaunted by the shifts and changes of a creative endeavour. We adapt, initiate, support and challenge ourselves and the project team. We are excited by potential, prepared to put in the hours, and always seek the highest standards of execution with an unflagging attention and obsession with detail. This combines with a pragmatic approach to the budget bottom line, ensuring an efficient use of resources, without waste, fuss or creative petulance.

We possess an extensive array of established working relationships Australia wide, be they artistic, production, administrative, local government, festivals and suppliers.